South Carolina MarketMaker

What is MarketMaker?
SCMarketMaker™ is an e-commerce business tool to help facilitate the direct buying and selling of South Carolina agricultural and seafood products among consumers, producers and other businesses in the food industry. SCMarketMaker works through an interactive web site where buyers and sellers can meet and transact business. SCMarketMaker is part of a growing national MarketMaker network of websites developed in collaboration with state land-grant universities to provide access to information on growers, shrimpers, fishermen, wineries, food processors, food wholesalers and retailers, farmers markets and restaurants.
MarketMaker is a portal designed to connect producers and consumers with businesses in the food supply chain. The site uses an interactive mapping system coupled with a searchable database to locate producers and businesses while also helping to pinpoint specific markets for agricultural and seafood products based on detailed census data.
What can MarketMaker do for South Carolina?
The main purpose of SC MarketMaker is to provide important information resources that allow members of the food supply chain to connect with each other, develop new markets, and enhance overall profitability. On a local level, MarketMaker can help increase the sales of South Carolina caught grown and processed products and enhance cooperation within the agricultural and seafood industry, while aiding rural and small business development. This means that more profits can be generated and more money can stay in South Carolina. MarketMaker is also a national portal, so the availability of South Carolina products is made known to consumers all over the country.
Who can benefit from MarketMaker?
Everyone can benefit from MarketMaker. Farmers and seafood producers can use the site to find markets for what they produce (for example, SC wild-caught shrimp or home-grown tomatoes), while retailers, chefs and household consumers can find local produce, seafood and other products. Farmers, fishermen and other small businesses can also use the site to discover new niche markets for their products, along with nearby processors, wholesalers, and roadside markets. SCMarketMaker will also help households, restaurants, schools, and other food consumers find local agricultural and seafood products via the Internet by providing a set of online tools to enable detailed product searches. This benefits smallscale, limited resource producers by placing their product information alongside that of participating large-scale producers, positioning them on a more equal footing in the marketplace.
How do I participate?
There are several ways you can participate, such as, copying and sharing this information with others. Producers can participate by providing detailed information about their products. To facilitate information gathering, the SCMarketMaker site will be available for registration purposes at
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