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Fresh on the Menu

What is Fresh on the Menu?

Fresh on the Menu, the second phase of the Certified SC program, was launched in February 2008. Fresh on the Menu and all phases of the Certified South Carolina campaign have been established with one main objective – to increase the per capita income of rural South Carolinians through the generation of agricultural commerce. By providing consumers with the ability to easily identify, find, and buy South Carolina products, we are meeting that goal.
Restaurants throughout South Carolina  have become partners in the effort. Participating chefs agree to prepare menus that include at least 25% Certified South Carolina Grown foods and products in season and feature the Fresh on the Menu brand. These chefs recognize the value in supporting local for not only their bottom lines, but also for the difference South Carolina local products and produce make on the taste of food. After all, Nothing's Fresher. Nothing's Finer.
Fresh on the Menu is a commitment to provide South Carolina citizens the freshest products and produce from some of the nation's best restaurants. This program will work to use our greatest resources to help to ensure that South Carolinians can act progressively and think competitively in the global economy of our future. The South Carolina Department of Agriculture challenges all South Carolinians to support, ask for and remember "Locally grown." It's to dine for.

What is Certified South Carolina Grown?

It is a cooperative effort among producers, processors, wholesalers, retailers and the South Carolina Department of Agriculture to brand and promote South Carolina grown produce and products.

How can restaurants help?

A certified South Carolina grown label ensures that the item is a first-quality product grown in South Carolina. These products are required to meet U.S. #1 Quality Standards or U.S. Grade Standards. Participating restaurants . . .

  • Feature the brand
  • Participate in the Fresh on the Menu program, and
  • Prepare menus that include at least 25% Certified South Carolina Grown foods and products in season.

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How do I find Certified South Carolina produce and products?

Look for the Certified South Carolina logo where you shop and the Fresh on the Menu logo where you dine.

Find Certified SC . . .

Program Features

  • On-premises promotional materials
  • Retail, marketing and advertising support

Where can I find more information?
Contact: Ansley Rast Turnblad, Program Coordinator

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